First International Hydrogen Industry Development Summit Forum held in Shanghai

2016-03-25 International Association for Hydrogen Industry hydrogen-rich water producing machine



Shanghai by the Biophysical Society, the International Association for Hydrogen Industry (IMHA) organized by the Department of Naval Medicine, Second Military Medical University, China Biophysical Society of Radiation and Environment Branch, Shanghai Hui Mei Medical Technology Company Limited, Shanghai Tiansheng Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. hosted “2016 international hydrogen and health care industries development Forum” on March 21 held in Shanghai Everbright international hotel, the first international hydrogen which is the domestic industry forum held from Japan, the United States, Malaysia and the domestic country outer hydrogen industry experts, and entrepreneurs in the industry, hydrogen, hydrogen product enthusiasts, health products distributor 200 people to attend, we gather together, work together to promote the development of hydrogen and the health industry.

International medical molecular hydrogen gathering together top experts – brilliant


International Hydrogen Molecular Medicine founder, professor at Nihon University Ota into men spoke at the meeting


The earliest of the biological effects of molecular hydrogen and Injury Prevention renowned experts, Professor of Naval Medicine, Second Military Medical University, Cai Jianming at the meeting wonderful speech


Asia’s first radical American Society of Biomedical Fellow speak at the meeting, Dr. Liu Canrong


Professor Qin tree stored Shandong Taishan Medical Director of Life Research Center, spoke at the meeting


Founder of the American Institute of Molecular hydrogen Tyler LeBaron gave a presentation on the United States to promote the industrial application of molecular hydrogen


Professor of Life Sciences, Xi’an Jiaotong University, vice president of the Long Gang Jian spoke at the meeting


Dr. Wu Chunjiang, speaking at the meeting, Renji Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine,


One of the new generation of Chinese medical researchers on behalf of a hydrogen molecule, Li pole scholars meeting Second Military Medical University Share


Lin Chung Hui letter US medical technology CEO at the meeting wonderful speech


International Hydrogen Industry Association (IMHA) president Zhang Wenchang speech at the meeting

Delegates molecular hydrogen around the important role in disease prevention and treatment, present situation of the hydrogen industry and sustainable development, promotion of the concept of molecular hydrogen health care, and other issues of interest to expand the full discussion.


Medicine, engineering, business and seek common Realms hydrogen industry development plan
The forum is the first combination of domestic hydrogen and hydrogen industry healthcare industry, is the first time by the hydrogen industry organization to promote autonomy knowledge of hydrogen, hydrogen, hydrogen and medical products, medical, industrial, commercial three realms interact, to guide the domestic industry fell hydrogen real office, the forum’s theme is “hydrogen industrial development promotion of human health”, the Forum the main topics around the important role of molecular hydrogen in the prevention and treatment of diseases, the promotion of hydrogen present situation of industry and sustainable development and health care concept of molecular hydrogen three aspects. The forum is the perfect extension of recently held in Tokyo, Japan Tokyo 2016 Friends of the Health Fair.

The forum as a “high-end 2016 Ninth China Bottled Water Show (CBW2016)” an important part to play in the exhibition platform edge, butt all advantages of resources. The forum focuses on presentations by experts, the correct propagation of hydrogen and healthy living ideas for businesses, researchers built a better learning and networking opportunities with each other to seek better opportunities for cooperation, work together to build a hydrogen industry information The first exchange platform. The extensive domestic and foreign medical experts recognized and become hydrogen clinical adjuvant treatment of chronic diseases new means by famous medical experts and professors keynote speeches, to let people know how scientific, rational understanding of hydrogen and healthy relationship, a real understanding major applications of hydrogen in the field of health, so that more businesses join the group hydrogen industry health, to promote industrial development continued solid hydrogen.

At the meeting, the international medical molecular hydrogen founder, professor of medicine at the University of Japan Ota M made of molecular hydrogen into the biological activity and biological effects research before introduction, Prof. Cai Jianming Second Military Medical University in the General Assembly made of molecular hydrogen and anti-radiation Protective effects of tissue and organ damage lecture. Expert Professor Cai is one of the earliest of the biological effects of molecular hydrogen and injury prevention. In addition, Mr. Tyler LeBaron from Liucan Rong academicians and hydrogen American Institute of Molecular Biology of the American Society for Free Radical Theory of hydrogen are introduced in clinical medicine and the application and the importance of preventive medicine and molecular hydrogen American industry and promote the application. In addition, Professor Qin tree stored Shandong Taishan Medical College, Professor Jian-Gang, Xi’an Jiaotong University and Shanghai Jiaotong University, Dr. Wang Ruobing Renji Hospital introduced the molecular hydrogen for cardiovascular disease, the treatment of eye diseases as well as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, etc. preventive effect.

International Molecular Medicine hydrogen founder Professor Ota to Male congratulate the conference a success. He explained that the international hydrogen Industry Development Forum held in China is very timely and necessary. This is because the hydrogen industry in the Chinese market is very large, at an alarming rate, the next 2 to 3 years, China’s industrial hydrogen market will overtake Japan. But the study of molecular hydrogen is still long way to go, his team spent five years studying the molecular mechanism of hydrogen, animal class of more than 400 cases, but only more than 20 cases of human studies prove healthy mechanism of molecular hydrogen is currently in Japan clinical trials in patients with heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease, 200 cases of human clinical research trials have already seen the light. At this time experts and stakeholders need to be added to the hydrogen industry in China in the past, he was pleased to see China in the hydrogen molecule research has made considerable progress, a male professor Ota pointed out that with the development of hydrogen diversified products, China, Japan and other countries are not relevant industry standards hydrogen, hydrogen urgent need for the international industry association to promote the construction of a hydrogen industry standards.

International Hydrogen Industrial Organization IMHA promote scientific grounding hydrogen gas
According to reports, hydrogen-rich aquaculture is emerging in recent years and the rapid development of the domestic high-tech industries, which rely on experts and scholars States Biological Effects of hydrogen molecules, creating a new “hydrogen healthy” the idea that by drinking hydrogen-rich water, chronic disease intervention in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Hydrogen-rich water, the hydrogen-rich water, the water is derived from the Japanese concept of health. Scientists found that hydrogen selective oxidation resistance, and has confirmed that 63 kinds of human diseases and oxidative damage, and hydrogen-rich water can effectively remove free radicals caused by oxidative damage, to achieve the purpose of disease control for the cause of human health brought new dawn.

But the hydrogen industry in our country is only just beginning, and encountered many problems in the hydrogen production process, the event is intended to narrow the gap between the health of hydrogen, hydrogen molecule medical, water and hydrogen-rich hydrogen water machine health and other sectors cohesion, in order to upgrade and hydrogen industry healthy and sustainable development to provide more development opportunities. Expand exchanges and cooperation between the hydrogen-rich aquaculture share successful experiences, to explore the development of the industry, the parties to seek opportunities for cooperation, the Forum also carried out high-end dialogue discussion on hot issues interact. At the meeting, delegates around the important role of molecular hydrogen in the prevention and treatment of diseases, domestic and hydrogen industry situation and sustainable development, the concept of molecular hydrogen health care issues such as the promotion of a lively discussion. The first time in the hydrogen industry organization to promote autonomy knowledge of hydrogen, hydrogen medical, hydrogen product
The forum also invited a number of well-known hydrogen industry business executives to share their experience, new product launches, hydrogen-rich water and hydrogen industries combined operations, to solve the industry’s business problems in the development process, and set meetings, exhibitions, cooperation and exchange, network resources in one to build cooperation and exchange platform of practical value. And then to become the best platform for industrial cooperation hydrogen. Secondly, this forum, known domestic and foreign products companies sent executives participants, attendees a close glimpse of the style industry leaders, face to face to discuss cooperation with the leaders, up close industry leader. And health and hydrogen, a hydrogen molecule medical, hydrogen-rich water, healthy water, hydrogen and other industrial enterprises hydrogen exchange, access to the best the industry chain resources and experience.




2016 international hydrogen industry and health care Development Forum ” successfully held for the Chinese hydrogen molecules healthcare products abroad solidify a solid theoretical foundation, is a milestone in China’s hydrogen molecule medical research!

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