“2016 International Hydrogen Industry Development Forum”, on behalf of IMHA

The “2016 International Hydrogen Industry Development Forum”, organized by IMHA and Guangdong Health Care Product Association and Goungdong Health Care Industrial Research Institute,co-organized by Zhenwei Exhibition Service Co., Ltd, will be held at Guangdong Convention & Exhibition Center on September 9, 2016.

As an important part of “The 2016 China (Guangzhou) International Molecular Hydrogen and Health Products Expo ”, this forum will leverage its advantage as a platform to integrate various resources.

Hydrogen Rich Water industry is an emerging hi-tech industry with rapid development in recent years in China. Based on the study of Molecular Hydrogen on biological effect by experts and researchers from different countries, a new concept of “Hydrogen Health”, has been created. This new concept is designed to promote a healthy lifestyle by consumption of hydrogen to alleviate chronic diseases.

Hydrogen Rich Water, namely water saturated with molecular hydrogen started as healthy water concept from Japan. Scientists throughout the world have found that Molecular Hydrogen has selective anti-oxidizing ability and confirmed that 163 different diseases affecting humans are related to oxidative damage. Thus, thru the consumption of Hydrogen Rich Water, we can effectively reduce oxidative damage by neutralizing free radical and reducing the chances of developing diseases associated with oxidative stress and damage. Currently, the hydrogen rich water industry is progressive rapidly and the production of molecular hydrogen related products have encountered various problems and issues. In order to have better innovation and safe development, organizers have invited renowned experts, researchers, and professors from home and abroad and representatives from leading manufacturers to deliberate the knowledge, information and development on molecular hydrogen.

The organizers hope to consolidate the expertise and knowledge of various industry and medical leaders through this event to provide an opportunity for the transformation and advancement of molecular hydrogen industry with a healthy sustained development. This forum aims to expand the communication and cooperation between various hydrogen water industries leaders and participants to share their experience, explore industrial development trend and seek for collaboration opportunities. In addition, an international high-end dialogue will be conducted during this forum to host discussions and interaction on current hot topics and issues relating to molecular hydrogen.